Learn what you’ll be able to do with these new tools

Through our studio’s work with clients, we learned that getting a message to customers isn’t as easy it should be. So, we’re building a set of tools to help you inform and support your customers. Here’s what we’re working on.

Our tools are focused on helping you engage and support your customers 

Not quite sure how the Emetti fits in with what you do? Here are a few use cases that should give you a better sense for what we’re working on.

Inform prospects and customers

You need to share updates, promote offers, and highlight new features. You use social media, but engagement is low, forcing you to pay to play.

Emetti Announce is your website’s newsfeed. Use it to post updates or maintain a changelog. It gives you full control of your newsfeed—and keeps your website current.

Notable features:

  • Command attention with banners, modals, and pop-up alerts
  • Make updates faster with image, GIF, and emoji integration
  • Reduce repeat tasks by auto-posting to social networks

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Chat with customers and leads

You need to respond to prospects and provide support. Customers expect fast responses, but your team is drowning in emails and phone calls.

Emetti Discuss is inbound chat for your website, allowing to reach you as they need. Use it to answer questions, respond to requests, and build rapport.

Notable features:

  • Collaborate with colleagues with a group inbox
  • Respond from anywhere at any time
  • Act faster with text-expansion responses

Emetti Discuss is coming soon

Engage customers with notifications

You need to notify customers, lead them back to your website, and engage with your company (on their terms). 

Emetti Engage is an outbound notifications system. Use it to grow your permission marketing list, update your audience, and build brand awareness.

Notable features:

  • Send higher value messages through tailored lists
  • Allow users to set their preferred channel
  • Send messages now, or schedule for future release

Emetti Engage will launch after Discuss

Support customers with a helpdesk

You need to help users find answers, but your support staff is stretched thin. Also, your website’s help section is hard to update and goes ignored.

Emetti Support is knowledge base software that helps visitors help themselves. Give them 24/7 access, and lower demands on your support team.

Notable features:

  • Make your help area central and easy to access
  • Share institutional knowledge among agents
  • Identify common problems to inform QA

Emetti Support is going to take a while

Use our changelog as a service to add a newsfeed to your company’s website!