Tell your customers what’s up, through your own newsfeed

Share news, updates, and offers—quickly and easily—right from your website. Emetti Announce is a changelog as a service that helps you build your own newsfeed. Use it to keep your customers in the loop.

Emetti Announce is your company’s newsfeed

Tired of your messages going unheard on social media? Use Emetti Announce to share your updates—and reach those who care.

Post your updates in seconds

Got a big sale, new feature, or special offer? Emetti Announce helps you say your piece—and keep your audience in the loop.

Take control of your newsfeed

Don’t risk your newsfeed to social networks’ whims. Own your newsfeed. (BTW: Announce can also push to other networks for you.)  

Grab your visitor’s attention

Got an important message? Feature key updates with an announcement bar or fly-out that ensures the see your message.

Update your website easily

Skip the HTML, formatting, and publishing. Announce’s interface is intuitive, functional, and easy-to-use.  

Bring your visitors back

Your website’s job is to bring customers back. Current news and offers can help you make that happen.

Convert more of your prospects

Top-of-mind brands sell more product. Emetti Announce sets you up to share more stories—and keep your audience’s attention.  

Want to know more? See features and pricing for Emetti Announce.

Use our changelog as a service to add a newsfeed to your company’s website!