It’s mission control for your brand’s announcements

Looking for a better way to share news, updates, and offers with customers? Emetti Announce is an all-in-one tool for scheduling, publishing, and distributing your company’s stories.

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Use Emetti Announce to:

Plan and schedule announcements

Create a draft of your news story in your company’s workspace. From there, team members can review and edit the content. Once it’s ready, publish your article immediately—or schedule it to release at a future time.

  • Workspace: A shared environment for your marcom team
  • Calendar: Backdate posts or schedule for future release
  • Profiles: Dedicated bios and avatars for your authors

Showcase news on your website

Display posts in a dedicated newsfeed, on your website. These posts are easy to create and manage—with no technical overhead. Plus, they are shown prominently, which ensures visitors see your important stories.

  • Branding: Apply your company’s brand colors and logo
  • Presentation: Adjust sidebar appearance and behavior
  • Categories: Organize content based on type

Distribute and analyze activity

Share stories from your newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—with just one click! More importantly, each post drives traffic back to your website, where you can better engage prospects. Coming soon!

  • Permalinks: A custom URL and OG data for every post
  • Interactivity: Allow users to comment/react to your posts
  • Analytics: Track post performance with Google Analytics

You’ll love Emetti Announce, because it’s:


Insert one code snippet and you’re up-and-running. Then write posts and push them to your website in minutes.


No red tape, technical CMS, or admin overhead. Publish content without any dev support.


Share one workspace where your team can create drafts, make edits, and schedule releases.


Skip bouncing from one network to the next. Reach all networks in a single push.


Present a consistent message in all settings—while driving people back to your website.


Keep your site current—and relevant—with prominent stories that get your visitors’ attention.

Try Emetti for free, and explore how our tools can help you inform, engage, and support your customers.