These newsfeed features can help you inform your customers

Emetti Announce is your company’s newsfeed. Use its features to keep your website current and engaging—and inform customers of product updates and special announcements. It’s an easy way to tell customers what’s up.

You control your distribution channel

You’ve “rented” distribution for far too long. The Emetti Announce newsfeed is designed to help you take control of your story—and the way you share it. Following are some of the features we’ve designed for you.

Dedicated newsfeed

Announcements can be posted immediately, or set for a future time. Prepare your announcement, and then select your time and duration. After that, you can take it easy, while Emetti takes care of the rest. (We’re also working on ways to tailor announcements to specific time zones.)

Banners, modals, and pop-ups

Need to ensure visitors get the message? Announce’s built in attention-grabbing widgets highlight your featured updates. (These link to the associated posts in your newsfeed.) You can also mix these up as you’d like. Run a banner across the top of your site, slide in a pop-up, or take over the screen with a modal.

Light-speed updates

You neglect your blog! No wonder. Blogging takes time, and attention spans are short. So, you aren’t posting much, these days. And if you did, most wouldn’t read those posts anyway. Microblogging is fast—and we make it even faster! Add videos, emojis, animated GIFs (from Giphy), and high-quality photos from Unsplash easily.

Social media distribution

Tired of copy-and-pasting updates on multiple social media platforms? There’s no need for that hassle, any longer. Make social media updates easy by syncing with Emetti. Push posts from your Emetti Announce newsfeed right to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (With just one click!) Want to update your RSS feed at the same time? We have you covered there, too. 🙌

But wait… there’s more!

As we near launch, we’re firming up the full feature set. At the moment, we anticipate launching with the following functionality (but this might change).

Rapid set up

No time to spare? No problem! Install Announce on your website, and start posting updates in minutes!


Every post you create in Emetti Announce has its own permalink, which makes for easy sharing.

Custom branding

Customize your newsfeed to match your corporate identity. You can use your company’s logo and color choices.


Help visitors filter by their area of interest, by categorizing the updates in your newsfeed.

Post scheduling

Preparing for a big announcement? Set the time and date of your future posts and we’ll take care of the rest.

Multiple languages

Our multi-language option allows you to offer localized messages for varying regions/languages.


Enable commenting in your newsfeed to learn how your visitors feel about your posts. (Reply in-line to keep the conversation going.)


Reactions allow users to provide feedback in a quick and fun way. Use this feedback to help inform what you do.

Team collaboration

Enable team members to post to your Emetti Announce newsfeed. (You can also show the team member’s avatar and name in the post.)

Custom domain

Set a unique domain for your newsfeed, and integrate Announce right into you site’s navigation.


See views, uniques, and clicks. Advanced analytics give added detail (time filtering, location data, browser data, and more.)

Expedited support

Select plans get Expedited Support, giving you priority (faster response times and direct discussions) on support issues.

Want to know more? See the overview and pricing for Emetti Announce.

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