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You can use Emetti to:

Show company updates with Emetti’s newsfeed solution

Most customers probably don’t know what your company is up to. Even if you post to social media, those messages often get lost. And your website? Odds are you don’t update it nearly as often as you should. This is where Emetti Newsfeed comes in.

Emetti Newsfeed allows you to embed a newsfeed right in your website. You can use this to share news, provide updates, and note special offers—to qualified prospects. It also takes care of scheduling, and distribution to popular social networks.

Respond to inbound questions with Emetti’s chat solution

Imagine running a storefront with no staff present. It’s a nutty idea, right? Oddly enough, most companies do so with their websites. This represents a missed opportunity: to address concerns, make suggestions, and build trust. This is why Emetti Chat is so useful—and important.

Emetti Chat allows you to add chat functionality right into your company’s website. You can use this to answer questions, provide recommendations, and build rapport with prospective customers. Plus, its shared inbox allows your teammates to respond when you’re unavailable.

“I like how our Emetti newsfeed lets us highlight what our team is up to, here at Sparkgeo. Adding a post only takes a moment and it keeps our website current.”

Will Cadell
CEO, Sparkgeo

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