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Need an easier way to interact with your prospects, customers, and users? Emetti’s chat solution is your customer support workspace. It helps you provide assistance, build rapport, offer one-to-one care, and work as a team.

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Use Emetti Chat to:

Help people chat with you

Embed a chat widget on your website, so, visitors can reach you easily. Respond to their questions, offer product knowledge, and help solve their problems. Doing so shows your organization’s human side, which builds lasting rapport.

  • Branding: Apply your company’s brand colors and logo
  • Profiles: Dedicated bios and avatars for your agents
  • Bots: Customize auto-responders for when you’re away

Collaborate with your team

Consolidate customer interactions into a single inbox, shared by your support team. Doing so helps you tag-team responses, access team expertise, and streamline customer support (even when you’re out-of-office).

  • Workspace: A shared environment for your support team
  • Notifications: Direct post-session messages to users’ devices
  • Notes: Share knowledge by adding internal notes to discussions (in progress)

Improve customer sentiment

Give customers the support they deserve by getting to know them—and by encouraging dialogue. Listen to their concerns, learn from their feedback, and use their suggestions to direct your company/product roadmap.

  • History: Examine past discussion to understand the situation
  • Visitor profiles: Know your customer’s needs and experiences (in progress)
  • Review: Audit agent activity and gain insight into team dynamics (in progress)

You’ll love how Emetti’s chat solution is:


Install a snippet and your support system is ready to go


Respond to customers quickly and efficiently in real-time


Reduce screen clutter with our subtle integration approach


Use the shared workspace to work together as a team


Get direct user feedback to help inform and improve


Show customers your company’s human side

“I enjoy sharing the music I love with my customers! Emetti helps me inform them of new releases. It also allows me to offer good customer support.”

Jamie McCue
Owner, Silent Season

Jamie McCue

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